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St. Joe at

the Y

Sunday's 10am at

Jackson R Lehman YMCA

St. Joe at the Y's purpose is to go out into the community and share the love and hope of Jesus' in people's lives. We are #ForTheFort.

St. Joe at

Reed Road

Sunday's 9am and 11am at Reed Road

St. Joe at Reed Road exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by Sharing Jesus, Growing our Faith, and Living It Out.

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More than 3 years ago the vision of St. Joe UMC and St. Joe @ the Y being "For the Fort" was born. We'd like to find some clarity around our values as the church we are today, so we can more effectively be "For the Fort." Click the button below to take the survey OR by completing a paper copy available in your place of worship. 

"Next Steps" s the perfect place to take a six-week journey with your church family, led by Pastor Glenn. Are you discerning becoming a member? Are you thinking about recommitting to St Joe in this new season? Are you searching for the place and opportunity that God might be asking you to take another step with St Joe and what it looks like to be "For The Fort" in your life? Are you wrestling in prayer with what it means for St. Joe and St. Joe at the Y to be "For the Fort"? This Journey is for you! 

Thursdays 4/13-5/18 6:30p

What is #For The Fort?

#ForTheFort #ForFamilies #ForYou

for: used as a function word to indicate purpose, an intended goal, or recipient of a perception or activity. From Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


Who wouldn't love their own personal cheerleader? Someone who's always in our corner celebrating our victories and encouraging us in our darkest moments. Someone who is for us. We want to be those people for you. A group of people who want to go out of our way to show: you have a purpose, you are our goal, you are the recipient of our perception and activity.


Why? Because God was first for us. We are God's purpose, we are God's goal, and we are the recipient of God's desire.


God is for you, for me, for Fort Wayne.


We are #ForTheFort. #ForFamilies. #ForYou.


Do you want to be part of a Church that is known for what it is #FOR?


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